U. C. Forestry Summer Field Program

In the beautiful mountains of the Plumas National Forest, the UC Summer Field Camp provides students a unique opportunity to study the biota, soils, and geology of the Feather River Country. Tall ponderosa and sugar pines tower over the area, with white fir, Douglas- fir, incense-cedar, and black oak intermixed in the dense forests. Several streams pass through the camp. Housing is provided in cabins and bunkhouses, with a central kitchen and dining facility with a large campfire area in front. Easy hiking to waterfalls, lakes, and mountain meadows is enjoyed by residents.

“The summer I attended Forestry Camp is one full of memories for me. Chopping firewood, coring trees, panning for gold, star gazing, bird watching, getting stung by yellow jackets, visiting lumber mills…What really sticks, though, is the intense fellowship and camaraderie we developed: sitting around the fire at night, playing guitar, singing ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman; or visiting the hot springs at night, watching satellites blink past. What a summer. A summer to remember. A summer of youth. FC05 for LIFE!”

—Andrew Wallace ’06

“The most memorable event was the hiking up Spanish Peak, and hearing John Zivnuska share the cultural and economic history of the Meadow Valley area. It was the 40th anniversary of John’s first hike up Spanish Peak as a student in 1937. He made us all realize that people have a deep role in shaping the landscapes we look at today, and their signatures are embedded in the forests we love.”

—Rick Standiford, ’78